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Apr. 14th, 2004 @ 12:02 am Start of an article for the site, what do people think?
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Why write poetry
Concerning poets
the craft
thoughts to retain

Why write poetry?
Simple, I hear you say, because it is fun, because I enjoy it. Now come one that can not be possible true, can it? Of course it is, other than it is fun and its enjoyable you do not need to say anything more. A better question maybe, why do you write, what you write?”
A poem is what you feel when you are writing, or when you thought of the subject for the piece of writing. Several people in history have described it as “The soul made manifest,” and that is exactly what it can be. Not all poetry is of the heart, that is one method for writing. It is however the most common way of writing a poem, you can purposely write about anything though. You could wake up one morning and think that you would like to write a poem about your Bic pen, it does not reveal your love to another, it does not share your pain, yet it can be as good a poem. Some people like to use poems to tell stories and epics, an idea that has been going for millennia.
So why write what you write? Simply because it is who you are and what you do. Most people will not write with the intention of making themselves big or famous, they rarely go beyond their initial idea of style. It is what is comfortable, and it is what works. There are those though, that desire their poems to be seen and bought, nothing wrong with this, we all like appreciation. Writing for the sheer joy, or writing for the money, they are both good reasons to write, and that is what these articles are for, to help you write, and to give more depth to satisfy your reason for writing.

Concerning poets
One of the biggest reasons for getting started is because you have seen someone else’s poems and wish to do the same. You want to emulate them, while bringing your own thoughts to the world. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a good way in to poetry. It is also the first step to learning to write. Reading is a very important matter because that is where you will be able to see the nuances between the various forms and styles of poetry. It is unlikely you will find the best way for you to write poetry just by putting pen to paper, so get an anthology written by experience poets, get a collection of poems from a famous poet, and read. Do not get caught up in analysing the poems yet, all you want to do is read, enjoy, and absorb what it is the poets have written.
From there you build up various ideas for styles, you will know which ones would fit what you might want to write about, this is an important first step into your own mind as a poet.

The craft
Poetry is an art, a craft, something that requires practice and frequent exercise to improve and grow. Historically there have always been poets and poetry, it is one of the oldest one of the most honoured arts. Poetry is not for the elite only though, every man, woman, and child can enjoy writing poetry.
Those that go on to be published are those that hit the highest quality, are original, and will be appreciated by a wider audience. You can not just pick up a pen and write masterwork poems. Poets such as Keats and Wordsworth wrote a lot of poems before they were published, but in that time they built their styles, their favoured subjects, their methods for writing. Now it is your turn to do the same.

What do you need? Where do you get what you need?
Firstly, what you need is you, nothing more. You do not really even need pen or paper, just your mind. A poem is a poem, whether it is thought up in your head, or whether its on a piece of paper, or even a computer screen. A poem can be thought up in your head

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