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Jun. 2nd, 2004 @ 12:30 pm Urgent news from Writers-Ramblings.com
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We're sorry to say, as of midnight tonight (2nd June
Writers-Ramblings will be going offline.

A decision has been made, and agreed by all members of
admin, that the
site will come down, and no longer be known at
With in the next month, to two months the site will
offline will under
go massive changes, rebranding, refocusing of aims,
and an increase in
content, as well as usability and interactivity.

We promise all members that no accounts will be lost,
nor any posts.
Within the next two months the site will come back
under a new name and
address, a new unqiue look, with a lot of obvious, and
some not so
obvious changes to enhance all users usability of the

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but
it's something
that has been needed for a while.
Writers-Ramblings.com of late has been
failing, and though the users who have loyally stuck
with us have made
the site worth while, we know the site can do much
better. When the
site returns, we will hopefully be in a better
position to aid, and
promote personal development, and showcasing of all
literary, musical, and
art works. This is the overall aim of the site.

Yours faithfully
The Admin Team

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