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Mar. 17th, 2005 @ 11:00 pm Once Upon a Time...Chapter 1
There lived a girl named Tenderheart, who loved a boy with all her heart, soul, and very being. Before she even knew what love was, she loved him. As much as it pained her so to see him everyday, she lived to look into his eyes and feel the warmth of his smile. So caught up in her own insecurities and in the misgivings that made up her world, she hardly even knew that he loved her, too.
It was only after many intimate-yet-naive intrigues (consisting of conversations, flirtations, and chasings) that Rune decided to allow her into his heart, if only for a brief time. Their worlds combined only shortly, as Rune needed to fulfill his destiny. He left her for the world of faith, as Rune had felt for quite a long time that his life needed to proceed once again in the proper direction. He left her for God. She knew better than to complain, or to even be angry. She loved him, and she too, loved God. Better to see him happy and on the right track, than destined to a world of quiet chaos. So she quietly drifted out of his life, never forgetting him, never letting go of the very first love of her life that she never even knew she had.
Tenderheart tried her very best to move on, silently mourning the loss of her heart to Rune. Silently she mourned the loss of everything about him. From his hands to his voice, and more than anything his eyes. Rune's eyes truly allowed her to see into his heart, though he had long before locked it away. Rune only gave her a brief glimpse into his gentle, poetic heart, but she needed no more. She had seen all.
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