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i said yeah you said nah
the tale is told the story is old
i went here you went there
i'm with her you're with him
feelings i fight every night

i asked why you couldn't cry
same old song nothings wrong
empty palace full of malace
coming home leaving Rome
don't be late there is no wait

going places seeing faces
making love over and above
feeling strong now it's gone
secrets in a dream, silence in a scream
running around without a sound

picking flowers grasping powers
you went here i went there
since we met i'm willing to bet
destiny of tears eternity of fears
calling your name hearts that won't tame

How fucked up am I?

I'm sitting at my table when pretty walks over and asks me to dance.
I try to resist her smile, and her eyes are piercing me. But I'm slutina tonight as we dance. She whispers in my ear, I feel her sweet, warm breath. I tremble as she makes her lovely proposal. She says take me home in that fast machine, make me sing sweetly. She kisses my neck softly as I begin to melt just a little... My heart is pounding wonderfully. My foot is on the pedal. Some 70's band is on... Singing about some silly romance... My mind begins to wonder... Will I ever get over you? Is this another clandestine affair? Will we come together in spanish? We gonna do it like porn stars, with pillow biting frenzy? Will you remember me? Or are you a future ghost? Will you make a mark on my heart? Or is this just your way to ward off a lonely evening? Home, she stands in my arms, we calmly fall together. We are screaming secrets to the sky tonight, and like a shooting comet under the starlight, we devour the night. The blurring passion and the rushing sea. As I wake up, I am alone, and it's the dream girl dream again. What's this drop on my cheek? Is it raining inside?

to my unknown love:
I just cant wait to meet you
until then im thinking of you
I'm wondering if in your dreams
is it me that you might see?
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Chapter 2....

It was not until many years later that they found each other. She had never stopped looking for him, and he, too, had never stopped looking for her. However, reality was their worst enemy. He now was committed to another, though the quality of the situation was less than ideal. Her heart was truly broken. Was there hope? The answer is in the lyrics he sent her...

If only we could throw away
Everything that was but that what is truly important
But reality is simply cruel;
Whenever I close my eyes-
You're there, smiling...
I hope that your smiling face
Will be with me until the day
I fall into eternal sleep...
Are all people sad?
They are such forgetful creatures...
For the sake of those who give love,
For the sake of those who are loved,
I will do what I can.
When we met we were so awkward
And we took the roundabout way;
We have hurt each other along the way...
I hope that your smiling face
Will be with me until the day
I fall into eternal sleep...
When we met everything was awkward
And we took the roundabout way;
But we got there in the end.

This song he discovered in September of 2001, and he confessed to her that all he could think of was her when he heard it. The lyrics he sent her, included some of his own, in which he wrote:

There will never be a time when I'll start to remember you,
Because there was never a time when I forgot you.

...She has clung to those lyrics to this very day...
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Once Upon a Time...Chapter 1

There lived a girl named Tenderheart, who loved a boy with all her heart, soul, and very being. Before she even knew what love was, she loved him. As much as it pained her so to see him everyday, she lived to look into his eyes and feel the warmth of his smile. So caught up in her own insecurities and in the misgivings that made up her world, she hardly even knew that he loved her, too.
It was only after many intimate-yet-naive intrigues (consisting of conversations, flirtations, and chasings) that Rune decided to allow her into his heart, if only for a brief time. Their worlds combined only shortly, as Rune needed to fulfill his destiny. He left her for the world of faith, as Rune had felt for quite a long time that his life needed to proceed once again in the proper direction. He left her for God. She knew better than to complain, or to even be angry. She loved him, and she too, loved God. Better to see him happy and on the right track, than destined to a world of quiet chaos. So she quietly drifted out of his life, never forgetting him, never letting go of the very first love of her life that she never even knew she had.
Tenderheart tried her very best to move on, silently mourning the loss of her heart to Rune. Silently she mourned the loss of everything about him. From his hands to his voice, and more than anything his eyes. Rune's eyes truly allowed her to see into his heart, though he had long before locked it away. Rune only gave her a brief glimpse into his gentle, poetic heart, but she needed no more. She had seen all.

why and guise

impervious to the latest fashion
the youth dreamed of opportunity
lacking the gumption for pop
his eyes fixed on the distance
not sure what he wants
only guided by what to avoid
a novel idea,
very risky for lack of the word
maybe it can be realized
possibly you can imagine
what if everyone had one day
but only you knew.
thats how he feels.

dirt spills over the brim of the heart
no aroma can hold up to the filth
beauty outside but rotten within
the effects of imprisoned sin
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Just A Poem

Who are you to judge
The person that I am
I don't even know you
So why do you give a damn

Why do you look at me
Disgust clear in your eyes
Why do you assume
When your truth is but lies

My problems you think you know
They are all my own
You are blind
Your ignorance shown

Who are you to decide
My place in society
Because I'm not you
Because I have variety

Because I don't say
What you want to hear
I say what I see
I cry my own tears

Who are you to judge me
Just to blind you're own flaws
Covering up your pain
By leaving me with scars

Why am I so difficult
To accept in your world
Why am I so different
When I'm just another girl

Why when I look at you
Do you want to turn away
Am I that repulsive
That you don't want to stay

Why as I stand here looking at you
Staring at my own reflection
Is my heart plagued
With the abhorror of rejection
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Urgent news from

We're sorry to say, as of midnight tonight (2nd June
Writers-Ramblings will be going offline.

A decision has been made, and agreed by all members of
admin, that the
site will come down, and no longer be known at
With in the next month, to two months the site will
offline will under
go massive changes, rebranding, refocusing of aims,
and an increase in
content, as well as usability and interactivity.

We promise all members that no accounts will be lost,
nor any posts.
Within the next two months the site will come back
under a new name and
address, a new unqiue look, with a lot of obvious, and
some not so
obvious changes to enhance all users usability of the

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but
it's something
that has been needed for a while. of late has been
failing, and though the users who have loyally stuck
with us have made
the site worth while, we know the site can do much
better. When the
site returns, we will hopefully be in a better
position to aid, and
promote personal development, and showcasing of all
literary, musical, and
art works. This is the overall aim of the site.

Yours faithfully
The Admin Team

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Writers Ramblings - to do list-

To do: Index - What's new section
Index - cut to 4/5 line introduction
Events listings - compile and create a page for events listings around the uk as I learn about them, also to include support and working groups
Site - Graphics (will talk to emberseden at some point
Links - actually putting links there would be good
Creative Edge - remove till Summer
Whiteboard - remove
Chatroom - numerous corrections and fiddling with the software
Site - Find competent and anal retentive proof reader
Contact us - update
News - Remove or revamp
Articles - clear up and categorize
Articles - following artciles needed - Collapse )
Forums - Upgraded and revamped (left to veratien, thanks Vera
Articles - photography section
Site - Adjust layour to be more fill on a multitude of resolutions, making it work on 800X600 too
Site - check out multiple domains, where's cheapest to get them
Site - Promotion, gtting more hits, name dropping at events, listings in magazines and ezines

That's it so far...

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