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Apr. 6th, 2004 @ 10:53 pm Writers Ramblings - to do list-
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
To do: Index - What's new section
Index - cut to 4/5 line introduction
Events listings - compile and create a page for events listings around the uk as I learn about them, also to include support and working groups
Site - Graphics (will talk to emberseden at some point
Links - actually putting links there would be good
Creative Edge - remove till Summer
Whiteboard - remove
Chatroom - numerous corrections and fiddling with the software
Site - Find competent and anal retentive proof reader
Contact us - update
News - Remove or revamp
Articles - clear up and categorize
Articles - following artciles needed - Why write poetry
Concerning poets
the craft
thoughts to retain

Knowing the business of writing
Understanding poetry today
Learning from history
The case of modernism, i.e. Wilfred Owen
Finding your material, absurd? Other poets?

Building your present skills
Deciding on your subject
Monitoring progress
Keeping your craetive thinking alive
Taking your first steps

Practicing rhyme, rhythm and metre
Knowing when and how to rhyme
Metre, Iambic metre
Introduction to variety
Other metre
Different feet
Choosing comic forms
Learning from models by the best
Avoiding the obvious

Form and style
Well known forms (couplets, quatrains, ballad stanza, kyrielle, rubai, pantoum, triolet, chaucerian roundel, rondel, rendeau, terza, rima, villanelle, petrachan, sonnet, shakespearian sonnet, limmerick)
syllable count forms (cinquain, haiku, clogyrnach)
calligramme & concrete

The first spark
Finding the idea
nurturing the idea

Choosing the words
Problem words
new ways with words
word sounds
punctuation and grammar

Listening to the words
the detailed analysis (overal effect, the pattern, line structure, rhyming, rhythm and metere, word choice)
the whole poem
first reader
the final stages

Poems analysed
Free verse:
Initial idea, first draft, revision, third draft, and final stage
Set form
Initial idea, first draft, revision, criticism, second draft

Little magazines
preparing poems for submission
other outlets
getting organised
Knowing the markets
Learning from experts
Developing working relationsips with editors
Following the right submission procedure
Maintaining professional standards

How to go about self publishing
Pro's and con's

World Outside
write on
Forums - Upgraded and revamped (left to veratien, thanks Vera
Articles - photography section
Site - Adjust layour to be more fill on a multitude of resolutions, making it work on 800X600 too
Site - check out multiple domains, where's cheapest to get them
Site - Promotion, gtting more hits, name dropping at events, listings in magazines and ezines

That's it so far...

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